Studio di traiettorie anti-sloshing rettilinee basate su leggi di moto segmentate

Study of rectilinear anti-sloshing trajectories based on segmented motion laws

Project Description

The term sloshing refers to the stirring of a liquid inside a container during its motion. Anti-sloshing motion laws are studied in the literature to avoid liquid spillage and, in general, control the motion of the liquid free-surface. This project aims to develop rectilinear anti-sloshing trajectories by simply choosing the duration of the segments in common segmented motion law (e.g. constant acceleration, trapezoid acceleration, …), instead of applying techniques based on a modification of a predefined trajectory (input shaping, IIR filtering, FIR filtering, …).


  • Sound knowledge of basic mathematics
  • Strong initiative and attitude problem solving
  • Strong will to cope with demanding challenges
  • Keen on studying complex new theory

Not required but good to have:

  • Basic knowledge of motion planning methods
  • Basic knowledge of the mechanics of vibration
  • Basic knowledge of Matlab
  • Foundation of optimization algorithms

Target Objectives

  • Study of the sloshing phenomenon
  • Study of the trajectories commonly used in an industrial context
  • Study of methods for vibration damping
  • Acquire competence in standard industrial motion planning methods
  • Acquire competence in Matlab programming

Expected Results

  • Development of a sloshing simulation environment in Matlab for rectilinear motions
  • Development of a set of Matlab functions to optimize the segment durations in segmented motion laws to obtain an anti-sloshing behavior
  • Analysis of the results

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