Master-Thesis Projects


Sviluppo di un pacchetto ROS per il controllo di ammettenza di un cobot per applicazioni di co-manipolazione uomo-robot

Development and implementation of a control algorithm for human-robot collaborative manipulation of an object on a given path. The main steps include modelling the robot’s working environment, experimentally identifying its unknown inertial parameters and eventually using them for writing control equations.

Status: in progress
Supervisors: M. Carricato, S. Comari, R. Di Leva

Auto-calibrazione mediante moto libero della posizione iniziale di un robot a cavi piano sottoattuato

This thesis proposes a new automatic calibration method that is applicable for under-actuated cable-driven parallel robots. The purpose of this work is to develop a method and a mathematical model that uses free motion as an exciting trajectory for the acquisition of calibration data. The key point of this method is to find a relationship between the unknown parameters to be calibrated (the lengths of the cables) and the parameters that could be measured by the proprioceptive sensors (the swivel pulley angles measured by the encoders). The equations involved are the geometrical-closure equations and the finite-difference velocity equations, solved using the least-squares algorithm.
Simulations are performed on a planar parallel robot driven by 2 cables for validation.

Status: in progress
Supervisors: M. Carricato, E.Idà

Movimentazione di elicotteri a bordo nave mediante l’utilizzo di veicoli autonomi ad ancoraggio magnetico

Study and design of a vehicle with magnetic anchorage to carry out handling operations of helicopters on board ship. The main phases of the project include the kinetostatic analysis of the helicopter, the dimensioning of the adhesion mechanism, and the conceptual design of the vehicle.

Status: in progress
Supervisors: M. Carricato, F. Malaguti
In collaboration with: L3HARRIS Calzoni