Current Master-Thesis Projects


Studio e progetto di generatore di vibrazioni in macchina automatica contatrice

Study and development of a vibrations generator in an automatic counter machine

The thesis aims to design a quick fixing system of parts in an automatic machine using shape memory alloys.

Supervisors: Prof. M. Carricato, R. Di Leva, F. Sassi
In collaboration with:
IMA Confectionery

Sviluppo di un modello matematico per l’ottimizzazione cinematica e dinamica di un meccanismo a ginocchiera

Development of a mathematical model for the kinematic and dynamic optimization of a toggle mechanism

Source: Michele Bertelli, Giovanni Mottola, Marco Carati, Marco Carricato, “Analisi dinamica di un meccanismo a ginocchiera per processo di stampaggio”, A&C, 2020.

The thesis project is based on the optimization of a toggle mechanism. The optimization will be done through the development of a mathematical model, this will allow defining the dimensions of the components of the mechanism to reduce the stroke and the force required by the actuator.

Supervisors: Prof. M. Carricato, Ph.D. E. Idà, M. Salieri
In collaboration with:

Design of decoupled parallel compliant mechanism

Control of multi-DOF mechanisms can be very complex for manual actuation. Multi-DOF mechanisms with rigid links are prone to having poor precision due to alignment errors and joint clearances caused by the high number of assembled joints. Regarding those challenges, decoupled compliant parallel mechanisms can be used since they offer one-to-one relationships between each input and output while being able to be manufactured as a monolithic structure.

Supervisors: Prof. M. Carricato, F. Zaccaria, Prof. J. L. Herder
In collaboration with:
T.U. Delft

Analisi e studio di sistemi modulari e flessibili per il raggruppamento e lo scarico di prodotti personal care

Analysis and study of modular and flexible systems for grouping and unloading personal care products

The main goal of the thesis project is to study a grouping system able to receive single women’s sanitary napkins with a variable cadence between 1000 and 1500 p/min and release them in a number greater than one without stopping the input flow.

Supervisors: Prof. M. Carricato, F. Zaccaria, M. Rasi
In collaboration with:

Studio e progettazione di un riduttore elettrico per automobili stradali a tiratura limitata

Study and design of an electric gearbox for limited edition road cars

The thesis project aims to study, design and calculate the ratios of at least three electric gearboxes to be combined with limited edition road cars. 

Supervisors: Prof. M. Carricato
In collaboration with:

Progettazione di un motore frameless da installare su un robot a 4 assi

Design of a frameless motor used on a 4-axis robot

The thesis aims to design a custom frameless motor (smaller and lighter than the current one) for the orientation of a robot in the space. The motor optimization will be carried out by studying a specific stator and rotor with a special focus on the assembly procedures. The work will be completed with a study for the optimal motor-feedback-drive wiring.

Supervisors: Prof. M. Carricato, L. Guagliumi, F. Delfini
In collaboration with:
Marchesini Group

Afferraggio e manipolazione di un oggetto virtuale generico tramite tecniche di apprendimento per rinforzo

Grasping and handling of a virtual generic object through reinforcement learning techniques

Source: DeepSym: Deep Symbol Generation and Rule Learning from Unsupervised Continuous Robot Interaction for Planning – Scientific Figure on ResearchGate. Available from:

The project involves the study and development of a software tool capable to train a robot to grasp a generic object in a virtual environment. The idea is to exploit reinforcement learning techniques in order to keep the purpose of such tool as generic as possible, capable of virtually training the robot to grasp different shaped objects with no additional costs. The work will start studying available documentation, first attempt at objects, sensors and robot virtualization and finally the definition of a reward function able to point the system to convergence. 

Supervisors: Prof. M. Carricato, S. Comari, D. Baraccani
In collaboration with:
IMA R&I S.p.A.

Progettazione di una cella robotica per l’assemblaggio di un riduttore epicicloidale

Design of robotic cell for planetary gearbox assembling

The project’s aim is to design a robotic cell for the assembling of planetary gearboxes to be used in e-automotive field. The study will begin with the identification of possible modifications on the planetary gearbox to make it simpler for robotic assembling and then the design of the robotic cell will take place. 

Supervisors: Prof. M. Carricato, R. Di Leva
In collaboration with:
IMA Automation

Progettazione di una ruota di prelievo, messa in forma e deposito di astucci preincollati per macchine astucciatrici in continuo

Design of a wheel for picking, opening, and depositing pre-glued cartons for continuous cartoning machine

The thesis aims the study regarding the kinematic, dynamic, and construction analysis of a wheel for picking up and depositing pre-glued cartons which involves active manipulation of the same. The wheel is installed inside a continuous cartoning machine. Most of the wheels on the market use a series of components which must be manually configured at each format change, increasing machine downtime and capabilities required by operators. This new wheel has as its first goal the resolution of these problems, increasing the handling efficiency of the cartons from picking to deposit. 

Supervisors: Prof. M. Carricato, L. Guagliumi, V. Taglioli, M. Ferrone
In collaboration with:
M.P.M. s.r.l. 

Sviluppo di un robot parallelo a cavi per operazioni su facciata continua

Development of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot for operations on continuum facades

The first aim of this project is to conduct a feasibility study about the possibility of executing operations on continuum facades with a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot. Then, the mechatronic design of the manipulator will be developed by taking into account the rapid on-site installation of the machine and its task. Finally, the prototype will be assembled, and a demonstration of an operation (e.g. painting) on a wall will be conducted.

Supervisors: Ph.D. E. Idà, Prof. M. Carricato, F. Zaccaria, M. Angelini
In collaboration with:

Wire loop game challenge through reinforcement learning and force control

This project aims to solve the “Wire and loop” with a robotic manipulator provided with a force/torque sensor at the end-effector and trained by reinforcement learning. In this game, the objective is to reach the end of a 2D wire path by moving a ring fixed to the robot’s hand around it. Thanks to the intuitive idea of trial-and-error and the use of the force sensor that can perceive the ring’s contact with the wire, the robot should progressively learn how to move forward by suitably tilting the ring and by translation. The work is based on ROS and open-source libraries and proves how an industrial robot can benefit from high-level programming outsourced to an external PC.

Supervisors: Prof. M. Carricato, S.Comari, M. Angelini
In collaboration with: