Industrial robotics is a vast field that constantly draws the attention of many companies seeking devices that can help and improve their production and assembly lines. Our group is currently focused on novel, alternative robotic systems, such as cable-driven or parallel robots, but also investigates the potential associated with the use of collaborative robots, which recently became popular and available on the market. On top of that, we are engaged in several research projects, often in collaboration with industrial partners, related to other domains of robotics (such as mobile robots for planetary exploration and vision-assisted robotics) or industrial automation, with a particular interest in the sloshing topic. Finally, our expertise is deeply rooted in theoretical kinematics and mechanism design.
Find here our publications related to the aforementioned topics and the open-source software we implemented so far.

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We report hereafter the publications in our research fields of interest. For a complete list of works supervised by Professor Carricato, head of the group, please click on the links below.

Open Source Software

Please refer to our GitHub page to find repositories of open-source software we implemented throughout our projects.