Being rooted in the heart of a network of companies strongly specialized in packaging, from which our territory also takes the name of “packaging valley”, industrial automation is an integral part of our research activity.

Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing or rapid prototyping, is a manufacturing technique that allows products to be obtained by generating and adding layers of material. One of the significant advantages of additive manufacturing is its design freedom. In principle, any object that CAD can design can be manufactured, even with very complex structures. This leads to greater flexibility and design possibilities; in other words, it makes it possible to offer specific solutions for each type of application.

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Servo-controlled machinery

A servo-mechanism, sometimes abbreviated to servo, is an automatic device that uses feedback to control a mechanical quantity continuously over time. The fields of application of servo mechanisms are the most varied, such as industrial automation, automotive and naval applications, material handling, etc. In particular, servo-mechanisms are used in automatic machines to realize movements with a high level of complexity, maintaining, at the same time, a constant level of monitoring of all the kinematics quantities.

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