The ROSSINI project aims at design, develop, and demonstrate a modular and scalable platform for the integration of human-centred robotic technologies in industrial production environments. This will be achieved by developing innovative technological components and methodologies in all fields related to collaborative robotics (sensing, control, actuation, human aspects, risk assessment methodology), and by integrating such components in an open platform ensuring quick ramp-up and easy integration, making Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) a viable choice for manufacturers. IMA use case is one of the three real-case scenarios where ROSSINI wants to deploy its HRC-system. In this context, the target to develop consists of a mobile robotic system for flexible, collaborative raw-material handling and loading onto IMA automatic tea-packaging machines. Moreover, the smart system should be able to tackle so-called micro-stoppages, namely short-latency failures that temporarily interrupt the process and require the intervention of an external agent (typically a human operator) to understand and solve the problem before resuming the process.

Project Goals

The specific objectives of the ROSSINI project for the use case at hand are:

  • development of a mobile collaborative robot that:
    • can process payloads up to 15 kg;
    • can autonomously feed the machine with raw-material reels and cardboard blanks;
    • enhances human-robot collaboration;
    • ensures dynamic safety;
    • autonomously solves micro-stoppages by leveraging a vision-based AI system;
  • increasing efficiency/output;
  • increasing job quality.

In collaboration with: IMA S.p.A.

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