Development of anti-sloshing paths for 2D planar motions

Source: R. Di Leva, M. Carricato, H. Gattringer, A. Müller “Sloshing Dynamics Estimation for Liquid-filled Containers under 2-Dimensional Excitation”, 10th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Multibody Dynamics, 2021.

Project Description

The term sloshing refers to the stirring of a liquid inside a container during its motion. Anti-sloshing motion laws are studied in the literature to avoid liquid spillage and, in general, control the motion of the liquid free-surface. This project aims to develop a general method for the fast computation of 2D planar anti-sloshing motions by controlling only the geometrical path of the container without optimizing the timing law.


  • Sound knowledge of basic mathematics
  • Basic knowledge of Matlab
  • Good programming skills
  • Basic knowledge of motion planning methods
  • Basic knowledge of the mechanics of vibration
  • Strong initiative and attitude problem solving
  • Strong will to cope with demanding challenges
  • Keen on studying complex new theory

Not required but good to have:

  • Foundation of mechanics of robots
  • Foundation of optimization algorithms
  • Foundation of automatic control

Target Objectives

  • Study of the sloshing phenomenon
  • Study of methods for vibration damping
  • Acquire competence in standard industrial motion planning methods
  • Acquire competence in research activities (bibliography analysis)
  • Strength the knowledge of Matlab and acquire the capability to use it to simulate the behavior of dynamic systems
  • Improve programming skills for the development of path planning algorithm

Expected Results

  • Analysis of the literature regarding anti-sloshing path planning
  • Development of a general method to compute anti-sloshing path with constant velocity timing laws
  • Evaluation of the possibility to generalize the method for other kinds of timing laws
  • Verify the effectiveness of the proposed anti-sloshing path planning method with experimental tests on a real robot

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