The ErgoLogiCo project  is developing a management and feeding system through autonomous AGV for a collaborative cell composed of a human operator and cobot. The cobot could work as a fixed cobot, to help the operators during the assembly tasks, and as a mobile robot. In this case, the AGV has to transport the cobot from the assembly station to the warehouse, in order to choose the components of the necessary assembly kit. The project also aims at the ergonomic development of the cell so that the system’s performance and the operator’s satisfaction are maximized.

Project Goals

The ErgoLogiCo project aims at:

  • creating an integrated feeding system through autonomous AGV capable of carrying a collaborative robot system (cobot), to feed the components to the productive workflow;
  • developing man-machine safe interaction achieved by cobots’ training, through machine learning and augmented reality (AR);
  • defining manipulation strategies to maximize the operator’s ergonomics, performance and safety condition.

In collaboration with: Bi-Rex Competence Center

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