Modeling and design of dynamic balancing systems for serial robots

Project Description

Robots are commonly used in many industrial applications, especially in the packaging industry, where repetitive operations must be performed in the shortest time to saturate the required productivity. It is essential to reduce the weights and inertia of the moving parts of the manipulators to perform this task. With this in mind, the first aim of this work is to analyse the existing robot architectures developed by Marchesini Group S.p.a. and to evaluate the possibility of not mounting dynamic balancing systems (springs, pneumatic cylinders, …) on these robots (that is beneficial in the execution of highly dynamic tasks). The second objective is to develop an instrument to guide the mechanical designer in choosing the balancing systems (where necessary) by taking into account the inertia of the mobile parts, the motor power consumption, and cost analysis.


  • Sound knowledge of robotics
  • Basic knowledge of mechanical design and CAD instruments (preferable Creo)
  • Strong initiative and attitude problem solving
  • Strong will to cope with demanding challenges

Not required but good to have:

  • Basic knowledge of MS Excell
  • Basic knowledge of numeric computing environments (Eg. Matlab, Scilab, Octave, …)

Target Objectives

  • Study of the kinematics and mechanical design of some real industrial Manipulators
  • Strength the competence in design and choice of mechanical components for real industrial applications

Expected Results

  • Analysis of the state of the art of balancing systems used in the robots developed by Marchesini Group and, eventually, propose new solutions
  • Analysis of the cost/benefit ratio in using the actual balancing systems
  • Development of a reusable and general instrument to guide the mechanical designer in the choice of balancing systems mounted on actual and future robots of the company. 

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