Integrazione hardware e software di un joystick per il telecontrollo di un robot collaborativo UR5e tramite socket TCP/IP

Hardware and software integration of a joystick for remote control of a UR5e collaborative robot via TCP/IP socket

Project Description

Connecting a joystick to a PC is already possible to control a collaborative robot (or cobot) such as the model UR5e by Universal Robots at the disposal of IRMA L@B. However, previous work was developed and demonstrated how it is possible to connect a joystick directly to the cobot control box by bridging the two devices with a simple Arduino microprocessor. Nonetheless, the limited amount of digital and analog input exposed by the cobot controller does not allow the robotic arm to control all six axes at once. This project aims at solving this issue by adding an ethernet shield to the Arduino board so that the connection can migrate to the socket port of the controller. In this way, the Arduino+joystick system can act as a standard MODBUS module or a generic TCP/IP client to a suitable server run on the cobot controller.


  • Sound knowledge of algebra
  • Good programming skills
  • Good understanding of electro-mechanics
  • Strong initiative and attitude problem solving
  • Strong will to cope with demanding challenges

Not required but good to have:

  • Knowledge of Arduino programming
  • Knowledge of C programming

Target Objectives

  • Foundation of robot kinematics
  • Improved programming skills and ability to use third-party software (Arduino libraries)
  • High-level robotic programming
  • Familiarity with electronic devices and components
  • Foundation of network communication

Expected Results

  • Integration of an Ethernet shield on the current Arduino setup
  • Setup of the communication between the Arduino board and the cobot controller through the socket
  • Deployment of a joystick controller from Matlab to Arduino

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