Development of an industrial robot operating system

Project Description

The project aims at the complete porting of a well-consolidated operating system for robot operation and control, developed in C++ and running on Linux, on industrial hardware, and software. The software needs to be developed in Structured Text on a Beckhoff IPC, through Twincat software. Other than logic control, algebra libraries will have to be optimized for robot control. Experiments will be carried out to compare the performances of the previous operating system and the newly developed one.


  • Sound knowledge of basic mathematics
  • Strong initiative and attitude problem solving
  • Strong will to cope with demanding challenges
  • Good C/C++ programming skills

Target Objectives

  • Improve knowledge about standard management of industrial robots
  • Acquire competence in industrial PLC programming

Expected Results

  • Development of a complete operating system for the control of an industrial robot
  • Comparison of the new operating system with the old one

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