Analysis, layout definition, simulations and performance of drivetrain functionalities for PHEV-type hybrid vehicles


In recent years, many industrial sectors are increasingly sensitive to respect and protection of the environment in which we live. Among these, also the automotive sector is contributing more and more to the goal of minimizing polluting emissions from its products. The strong development of electric mobility in the last decade has led car manufacturers to reverse the trend, combining thermal propulsion with electric propulsion, in extreme cases completely eliminating the former. Even the so-called “luxury” segment of this sector is moving towards this direction, without, however, giving up the emotions to which car purists have been accustomed over the years. The mix of high performance thermal and electric powertrains represents an ideal combination for the advancement towards lowering polluting emissions and increasing respect for the environment, but at the same time, it is also suitable for maintaining the link with the past in terms of emotions transmitted to the customer. In this regard, the activity of modelling and simulation of the joint operation of the various components is increasingly necessary, given the vastness of possible combinations in terms of power delivery and the complexity of controlling multiple actuators simultaneously.

Project Goals

Within this project, modelling solutions are proposed for a high-performance hybrid powertrain that minimizes the consumption of pollutant emissions, while maintaining particular attention to customer needs, thus optimizing the aspects related to the vehicle drivability. In general, the main goals of the project are:

  • modelling of the hybrid transmission with the help of Amesim;
  • modelling of the vehicle in a Matlab/Simulink environment, which allows one to analyse in detail the behaviour of components and the car as a whole;
  • physical modelling of the entire system,focusing on the development of a strategy to control the power delivery to the various actuators, in order to optimize the overall performance and efficiency.

In collaboration with: Lamborghini.

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