Robotic devices for pick-and-place operations assisted by vision systems for the feeding of automatic machines with high dynamics


In automatic machines for packaging, it is often necessary to perform pick-and-place operations, such as filling a box or bringing products from a conveyor belt to another. The high productivity required by the packaging industry leads to the necessity to execute these operations in the shortest possible time. For this reason, in most cases, parallel manipulators are used, because they are capable of higher velocities and accelerations compared to serial robots. Besides, the robots tasks become every day more complex , with manipulators having to cooperate with sensors and, above all, vision systems. It is not easy to manage cooperation between robot and vision systems and this aspect, for some tasks, can influence robot design.

Project Goals

This project, in particular, aims at:

  • analysing different robot architectures to execute pick-and-place operations with high dynamics, in relation to the necessity of cooperation with sensors and a vision system;
  • developing a manipulator with a known or new architecture able to execute the tasks required; it is important to guarantee the industrial feasibility of the robot, taking into account aspects related to mechanical design, materials and maintenance operations;
  • developing algorithms for motion planning and control of the manipulator in real-time, to execute complex operations with high dynamics.

In collaboration with: Marchesini Group.

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